New York BMX sensation Nigel Sylvester has just dropped the latest in his ‘GO’ series, and it’s the first in the multi-million view series to take on two cities - London and Paris.

The first four releases in the ‘GO’ series spanned through New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dubai, featuring everyone from New York Giants wide-receiver Victor Cruz to LA Galaxy striker Giovani dos Santos to Rod Drydek and celebrity jeweller Ben Baller.

The latest release is absolutely wild. It features cameos from footballer Timothy Weah of Paris Saint-Germain, Stéphane Ashpool of Pigalle, Dolly Cohen, Manon Bresch, Piu Piu, Places + Faces, The Chicken Connoisseur (!), Octavian, Flohio, BitBeefy, Jake 100, Street Elitez, Kie Willis, Joseph Hendo, Korahn Gayle, Nous Paris, Parc des Princes - Home of the Paris Saint Germain Football Club, Somerset House, Centre Pompidou, Gumball 3000, Knightsbridge Fencing Club, Thorpe Park, Ballie Ballerson and Greg Yuna.

"I look at these ‘GO’ videos now as little films in a sense. There’s so much that goes into them"

We caught up with the BMX rider for a full Nigel Sylvester interview profile, which you can read online now, and to shoot some unique portraits of the man who has taken BMX to places many never thought it would go.

Check out the latest video in the ‘GO’ video now, and below, some more exclusive words from Nigel on the ‘GO’ series that we couldn’t quite fit into our main chat…

In the words of Nigel...


It’s the first time we’ve done two cities in one. The people there were super warm and super welcoming, in both London and Paris. We start planning each video about a month to two months prior to actually shooting it. It takes a while to figure everything out and identify the things that we really want to shoot. We were in London and Paris for a total of three weeks.

We identify the places we want to do and what we want to see before we get there and then when we get to the actual city there’s just naturally that energy and that organic thing where you meet people and you connect and have certain conversations. A lot of the time in the videos things just naturally happen when we get to that city.

I look at these ‘GO’ videos now as little films in a sense. There’s so much that goes into them and so many layers and so many opportunities. I love the process. It totally fulfills me.

It started in 2015. Harrison [Boyce, director] and I went out and experimented with a lot of filming styles and editing styles and from a curiosity of how certain things would work we came about with the style of ‘GO’ where we shoot the whole thing POV with seamless cuts.

A lot of people have said it looks like Grand Theft Auto, but it is more of a coincidence that it’s worked out that way! Prior to making ‘GO’ I wasn’t playing Grand Theft Auto. I think it’s a great franchise though. People often reference that it feels like a video game and that’s a really cool thing. I’m a fan of video games.The fact we’ve been able to make a video that people would view as really similar is super cool.

"It was just a small idea and now we’re more than halfway around the world"

We took the summer of 2015 and figured out how to make 'GO' in New York. And with the power of social media we were able to share this social experience of what New York is, to me, in a typical summer. This is what it looks like. Once we created it we knew we had something but we weren’t sure how the public were going to receive it. People really gravitated towards it.

We created 'GO' New York with the intent of doing another one. That’s why we left it open ended, climbing into the helicopter. It could’ve been an end or a continuation. And once we saw the reception we really knew we had something, so we did LA and that balled up again and that turned into Tokyo and Dubai and now we’ve got London to Paris and it’s super exciting. It was just a small idea and now we’re more than halfway around the world.

The idea is that when we’re done with the series, and there will be a day when we’re finished, we'll put all of the 'GO' videos together and watch it in its entirety.

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