Logan Martin won the BMX Park final on Saturday ahead of Dennis Enarson and Ben Wallace to bring the fourth event of the Nitro World Games to a close.

The event was live-streamed on Nitro Circus and Mpora’s Facebook page, allowing over two million combined viewers to watch the semi-finals, park jam and resulting finals, which were fought out between Marin Rantes, Boyd Hilder and Colton Walker as well as Ben, Dennis and eventual victor Logan Martin.

“My first two runs didn’t go to plan, but I pulled it together for the third and final and wound up scoring the highest in the event.” said Logan.

“I think a lot of the riders enjoyed the format, the course and the competition. I’m looking forward to future Nitro World Games events.”

Martin’s win came right down to the wire, though.

Ben Wallace had come out strong on his third and final run of the finals, earning him an 88.40 that launched him into second place.

"In my opinion, this is probably the new series to be the champion of"

Sitting first at the time, Dennis Enarson laid down an impressive 90.0 run that would have suggested a gold medal, but Logan Martin stepped up with a run including a massive 720 barspin straight into a huge double tail whip that would take him from last to first, and polished it off with a 540 flair on the buzzer to secure the win.

This was the first time BMX park had been involved in the Nitro World Games, and BMX legend TJ Lavin had nothing but praise for the contest, saying: “I’ve got to say Nitro World Games is definitely stepping up their game. This was an incredible contest and is very respected as well.”

Lavin even went as far as saying: “In my opinion, this is probably the new series to be the champion of.”

Another addition to the event was the BMX Best Trick competition, which saw Brian Fox take home the top spot and the $5k bonus with a 1080 over the spine.

The BMX results follow on from the skate events last weekend in the Nitro World Games, where where Alex Sorgente won the men's skate park, Lizzie Armanto won the women's skate park and Moto Shibata won the men's skate vert.

Tony Hawk himself was in the commentary booth for that one, and said: “The Nitro World Games are a great representation of skateboarding’s evolution and modern progression. With the inclusion of vert, it shows off the best of transition skating, and is both an ode to the past and a glimpse of the future.”

It’s clear Nitro Circus are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to make the Nitro World Games the premium contest in action sports.

Created by the legendary Nitro Circus crew and their ring leader Travis Pastrana, they say the aim of the games is to push “the limits of action sports competition. Featuring new big air formats, breakthrough ramp technology and innovative judging criteria”.

The Games head to Salt Lake City next, where the motocross contingent will battle it out on September 22 and 23.

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