Santa may have some mad freestyle skills on a sleigh, but this forest BMX set up is enough to make even old Nick shit his pants.

The ‘Dark Woods’ feature saw Red Bull give Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade all the resources required to build their dream freestyle course in a secluded forest in South Wales, and it’s safe to say that they didn’t hold back.

The riders nail daredevil drops that most people wouldn't take on with a parachute...

Amongst other things, there’s some big bad ramps in there made for even bigger tree plants, an open full loop which makes for some sickening shots, and a variety of daredevil drop-ins that most people wouldn’t take on with a parachute.

English rider Dean Cueson joins the party for the final shoot, and the resulting edit is a serious must watch for any BMX fan out there.

Make sure you stay tuned till the end for the wildest lines of the feature, and click here for more behind-the-scenes info and a killer photo gallery.

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