2014's Ride To Glory tour was the best one yet. All five teams of five riders were pulling out all the stops, and the video edits they submitted for the public vote were fantastic. The teams competing were Odyssey, Hoffman, Wethepeople, DUB, and Premium, and to a man they were absolutely determined to get their hands on the £2,000 cash prize.

The previous year's winners Premium were keen to make it two in a row, so sent Connor Lodes over from the states to join Mole, Luke Fairey, Brad McNicol and Sven Hackett. Unluckily for them it wasn't to be, as Wethepeople won in the end, thanks in part to strong support from the public in the video vote. Not to be outdone, the Premium boys still put in a superhuman effort, which you can see for yourself in their edit video here.

It was a busy week for the lads, and they covered a fairly sizeable chunk of the South East of England in their quest for Ride to Glory, er, glory. Starting off in London, they passed through Crawley in West Sussex, Romford in Essex, and Sheerness in Kent, plus a few other choice skating spots besides, including visits to Cyclopark in Gravesend and Radical Bikes near Chelmsford. From the looks of them they had a blast throughout, and it's good to see a few extra faces getting a chance to bust a few moves for the cameras, namely Rob Coe, Simon Hall, Jack Clark, Rob Andrews, Gary Hales, and somebody calling himself Danger Ryan.

So yet another sterling effort from Premium, just not quite good enough for the win this time. Never mind chaps, at least Connor got to see the some of the sights of provincial England. Better luck next year.