Helsinki, Finland was the venue for Gary Young's gold medal winning run! With the Simpel Summer Session 2011 going down as one of the biggest BMX contests ever thrown in Finland, you just know that it was something you shouldn't have missed.

Simpel Summer Session 2011: Winner - Gary Young


Photo: Mats Kalhstrom

Rider: Alex Coleborn

Out of 67 riders, almost half of them were from Scandinavia and Baltic countries, to whom the contest serves as a qualification for the Simpel Session main contest. Best Scandi rider was awarded to Andres Lainevool (Estonia) who didn't ride in the finals because of injury. He was still good enough to be recognised as the best Scandi rider in the field.

All eyes were on Gary Young though as he wanted to put his 3 silver medals behind him and finally end up with a gold. And that's exactly what he did. He fired out all sorts of variations, doing gaps to rails and finding lines that no one else could see. As luck would have it, his lines earned him the gold just ahead of Alex Coleborn. With a huge boxjump with a barrelroll whip and other variations, a triple whip from the quarterpipe, he definitely gave Gary a run for his money but just fell short.

Daniel T√ľnte took bronze by pulling all of his best moves in his first run. The judges were impressed with that and gave him third spot on the podium.

If you fancy any more info on the contest then head over to the Simpel Sessions site.