After what was an epic first day of qualifiers yesterday at Simple Session 14 it was hard to contemplate how finals day would go up another notch, but it did, comfortably. With a packed arena in Tallinn, Estonia, by the time the Skate finals came around and a frothing online audience it once again lived up to the billing as one of the best celebrations of Skate and BMX in the world.


Skate Final

After everyone raising their games in the semi final heats, the final was almost too close to call with every skater seemingly stepping up their performance level as the two runs went down. In the end it came down to two final runs from Greg Lutzka from the USA and Phil Zwijsen from Belgium, they both nailed scores of 266 and topped the leader board. It was Lutzka (above) though who took the overall victory with a higher scoring first run.


BMX Final


That wrapped things up for Simple Session 14, role on 15, now to the after party.

FInal BMX Standings