Nipple-deep powder runs in Japan? Love ‘em. In fact, it’s the kind of thing we dream about here at Mpora Towers. The very thought of them is enough to crate an embarrassing trousal reaction.

And scooters? Well, not so much. In terms of a love/hate relationship, we kind of lean to the one side.

In Defence Of Scooters: We Tried To Get A Different Perspective On The World’s Most Mocked Action Sport

So what happens when the two are combined?

It’s good. Oh, it’s good.

French Mountainbiker and snowscootist (we guess? Snowscootista? No idea) Antoni Villoni took his snow scooter to Japan and flung some serious lines.

There are tree runs, and pillow lines, tail whips, bar spins and backflips… This is basically BMX on a snowboard, which is pretty much win-win, right? In fact, why not call it snowboard BMX?

Ah, what’s in a name? This is rad, and we’re desperate to give it a go…

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