1) Tell people that you know what BMX actually stands for...and then walk away mysteriously

Awkward BMX Mysterious

2) Put scooter handlebars on a BMX and act like that's a perfectly normal thing to do

Screen Shot: Custom Riders (YouTube).

3) Tell everyone you've invented a "sick new trick" and then just bunny hop continuously for a minute

BMX Bunny Hop

4) Wear a child's helmet...one that clearly doesn't fit

BMX Bike Helmet

5) Call pegs "poles", despite being corrected so many times that it's not even funny anymore

BMX Pole Awkward

6) Tell everyone how much you loved Kriss Kyle's Telescope film

Screenshot: Kaleidoscope (Kriss Kyle).

7) Insert unnecessary puns into your compliments. For example, "That trick was wheel-y good, mate!"

BMX Trick Wheels

8) Milk your injury like a Premier League footballer

Premier League Red Card BMX

9) Take your BMX out for a fancy dinner

BMX Fancy Dinner

10) Take your BMX to bed

BMX Awkward Bed

11) Sit on your BMX, about 50 yards away from the action, and watch everything through binoculars

BMX Binoculars Awkward

12) Persistently tell your friend that he's got "nice rims", and that you "love" his rims

BMX Rims Awkward

13) Cook your friends dinner and make them use a knife and BMX fork as cutlery

BMX Knife Fork

14) Customise your BMX with a cans of spray paint, and make it look like an absolute shit-fest

BMX Crap Paint

15) When someone asks you who your favourite rider is, answer with the name "Charlotte Dujardin"

Charlotte Dujardin Equestrian Rider

16) Snake everyone within a quarter-mile radius by snaking like the snake in the phone game Snake II

Snake II Mobile Phone Nokia

17) When someone talks about the new Sylvester edit, chat about how much you like the Rocky films

BMX Rocky

18) Squat in all the best bits and totally ruin the fun for everyone who came here to ride BMX

BMX Squat

19) When someone says "tail-whip", start talking about the original Indiana Jones trilogy

Indiana Jones BMX

20) Bring a load of real alligators to the party and set them loose in the gaps

BMX Alligator Pit

21) Throw peanuts at the kid with a nut allergy

BMX Salted Peanuts

22) Pose with your BMX, while wearing sunglasses, and spend the whole session not actually riding

BMX Sunglasses

23) Bring your entire family to a session so that they can watch, take pics, and cheer you all on

BMX Awkward Family

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