Way back in July 2015, Hastings-based Federal Bikes dropped an awesome BMX edit showing Anthony Perrin and Michal Smelko doing their thing, with the promise that the feature would be the first of seven ‘Split Series’ edits dropping over the next six or so months.

Well, that time has now passed and all seven of the Split Series features have graced our screen, culminating with an absolute epic from Dan Lacey and Bruno Hoffman which dropped on 14 January.

We’d highly recommend giving as many of these a viewing as you’ve got the time to view. Maybe even just give the page a bookmark and fit in one edit before every time you head out riding yourself. It’s smart, it’s stylish, and it’ll get you pumped to get back on the streets...

1) Anthony Perrin & Michal Smelko

2) Jason Eustathiou & Roy Van Kempen

3) Ollie Evans & Joe Jarvis

4) Mirco Andreani & Diogo Santos

5) James Cunningham & Mark Love

6) Stevie Churchill & Jordan Aleppo

7) Dan Lacey & Bruno Hoffman

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