Some people like Grand Theft Auto, and some - the kind of buy the special edition with a realistic toy shotgun, faux briefcase full of Vice City dollars, and a small vail of Niko Bellic's blood people absolutely love it.

And then there are these guys...

They've actually recreated Grant Theft Auto V in real life. This sick video pays amazing attention to detail, from money exploding out of people when you floor them, right down to the way the camera pans around behind the character on screen.

Now, before you start screaming "FAKE" at your screen, we know that some serious after affects has been at play here. And that BMX hit? You'd struggle to justify as that being legit in any way at all.

But who cares?! It'd take a military-grade pedant to moan about things like this when the video's so good.

Before Maude Fladers explores us all to think of the children, please don't try to recreate this around the mean streets of Wolverhampton. Beside being as dangerous as fuck, it wont look as good in your Renault Clio.

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