Our friends over at Ride UK BMX recently dropped the results of their 'Wordeo Warehouse Project' - an event that sees four different BMX teams given seven days each to make the craziest edit they can in an abandoned warehouse.

This year, the teams on show were Source BMX, Seventies, Total and Proper, and the idea of a 'concept session' was given to the riders as a starting point from which to build.

Ride Uk bmx

Ride Uk bmx

The edits were debuted at the Ride UK BMX Reader Awards last weekend to a massive reception, and once you've had a watch you'll understand why.

From war-inspired hilarity to crazy colours, bold neon and street recreation, the ideas are awesome - and needless to say, the riding level is pretty insane.

Check out the edits below and for more on the project, pick up the new edition of Ride - it's got four sick separate covers this month as you'll have noticed above!



Source BMX


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