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There are some tricks that leave the rest of the world stunned when invented. These are the tricks that most people would dub suicidal, or possibly not even talk about at all given the seeming impossibility of success.

It’s these kinds of tricks that progress sports though, make names into legends and make headline news far outside of the core action sports media. And it’s these kinds of tricks that the Nitro Circus crew pride themselves on landing.

From the first ever triple backflip on a mountain bike last August to the first triple on a motorcycle stomped just last April, there’s something special in the water over at Nitro Circus HQ, and it looks like Jed Mildon has been drinking a lot of it – he just landed the first ever quadruple backflip on a BMX.

The Nitro New Zealander became the first man to land the world’s first triple backflip on a BMX way back in 2011, but to get the speed and air, time and control to be able to stomp a quadruple is absolutely next level. It pretty much makes the guy a superhero.

Have a watch of the footage below, though we warn you it won’t make the feat seem any more reasonable.

The only thing that’s not shocking about this effort is that it comes from Mildon and the Nitro Circus team. Who else would even dream of doing something so ridiculous?

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