Photo: YouTube / Cult Crew

El Toro is brutal. If you’ve never heard of it before, El Toro is a set of 20 stairs, on the campus of a regular school in Lake Forest, California. It also happens to be equal-parts a Mecca and a proving ground for skateboarders and BMXers alike.

It’s a bit like Lourdes in France, but with less dying pensioners, and more seriously injured teenagers. Many have tried to mater El Toro. Most have failed. And that’s pretty much the appeal.

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Cue 16 year-old Justin Gautreau, or Lil Juice as he inexplicably appears to be happy and willing to answer to. He and his crew travelled the 1,750-plus miles from Louisiana, through five states, to Southern California so he could go head to head with El Toro.

An unsuccessful early attempt - Photo: YouTube / Cult Crew

However, when he got there, the spot was quickly shut down by an aggy security guard in the kind of motorised buggy that you’d only see children called Shane riding around rough-looking estates in, here in the UK.

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Now, at this juncture, we have to say, the security woman – let’s call her Melania – Melania is only doing her job. While a little OTT, she’s there to ensure that nobody snaps a bone and winds up taking the school to court (although if you can find me a BMXer with enough money for private legal representation, I’ll give you the moon on a stick).


Even so, she does her best to shut the spot down, even calling for her back-up to get on the blower to the local police to come and stop these young men from not hurting anybody. But Justin Gautreau had come too far to be stopped by a cougar in a polo shirt and golf buggy.

After she refused to move her clown car, the fella decided he was going to give it one last crack, whether she was there or not. The rest? Well, it’s just kind of perfect, isn’t it.


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