Colton Satterfield won his first ever gold medal at the Big Air BMX event at this year's Sumer X Games 2014.

Defending champion Taylor Wade and local James Foster were left trailing in Satterfield's wake after he stomped this unbelievable second run.You only need to watch the footage above to see what we're talking about.

"Being able to land that run was unbelievable to me!"

Just check out that crazy no-handed corked 720 over the gap, followed by a triple tailwhip on the quarterpipe! Unsurprisingly, this run scored the talented Californian 90.66, which took him straight into first place.

Clearly, the dude was totally stoked at his result!

"Being able to land that run was unbelievable to me," Satterfield told ESPN. "It was the craziest feeling and I think it took about 20 seconds of everybody shaking me just now to realise what happened."

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