Usain Bolt PUMA

What are you training for, eh?

That's the question PUMA are asking with their latest campaign, challenging individuals and sports team to put more energy into their training and more positivity back into sport. And they've got some pretty badass athletes to help get the message across.

To inspire us to spend less time rolling around the football pitch and more time actually playing, they've filmed these awesome vids giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse  of Usain Bolt and Arsenal FC in training and it's battle ropes and box jumps a go go.

Shot over four weeks, the films delve into the unique training regimen of the elite athletes, and there are more to come – including one from everyone's favourite Barbadian Rihanna.

The launch of PUMA'S new running app PUMATRAC should offer even more motivation to get off your ass and down the gym. Allowing you to share your training goals and achievements through social media, Bolt and the Arsenal players will be sharing their training too, so you can see just how your workouts compare with Mr Bolt, err.

Keep track of it all with the #NoMatterWhat hashtag.

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