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So. A triathlon warm-up. It can be a tricky beast, as you're facing three very different sports that incorporate pretty much every muscle in the body. Whether you're doing a sprint triathlon or an Ironman, a good dynamic warm-up should cover most bases but if the event allows, attempt to fit in some time on the turbo trainer, in the water and some gentle running to loosen those limbs up.

  • Endurance-sport coach Joe Friel at the trainingbible.com says, a triathlon warm-up helps start the flow of fatty acids to the muscles for use as fuel, at the same time reducing the dependence on your carbohydrate stores. It raises the temperature of the working muscles and increases heart stroke volume [an important determinant of overall cardiac output] and lung capacity
  • The shorter the race, the longer warm up you need
  • You should warm up before each of the three disciplines - on a bike before the cycle race, in the pool before the swim and on the track before the running

If you don’t have access to a pool or turbo, this great dynamic workout is the perfec triathlon warm-up as it is designed to stretch out the muscles and raise the heart rate, no equipment needed.

12 Dynamic Warm-Ups for Strength Training by

Endurance Films

Alternatively, this video from Ironman coach Troy Jacobson offers some brilliant tips and strategies for the perfect pre-race routine if you can get past the cheesy music...

Triathlon Race Warm-Up Strategies by Coach

Troy Jacobson