orgasm gym

Ewwww. In gross ‘we thought they were grunting because the weight was heavy’ news, apparently 10 per cent of people – male and female – orgasm during an intense workout.

Dr Debby Herbenick, a sex professor for Men’s Health magazine, has been looking into the phenomenon after some MH readers claimed to be getting a little over excited when they performed hanging leg raises.

This is a hanging leg raise just in case you're, you know, curious:

While it may sound a bit grubby, according to Debs it’s perfectly natural and is all down to the effects of an intense abdominal workout (rather than rutting the weights bench).

In today’s Metro, Debby, who’s also author of The Coregasm Workout, says that to experience a gym-induced climax, "a gym goer must work their muscles to the point of fatigue – continuing exercise when the first pangs of excitement are felt". Bleeeeeeeeeeee.

Let's just hope they wipe the machines down afterwards, eh?