Screenshot: American Ninja Warror (via - YouTube).

Jessie Graff American Ninja Warrior

We've seen some impressive things in our time but this run by stunt woman Jessie Graff on American Ninja Warrior has to be right up there. Seriously. I mean. Just how strong can one person be? Like, after watching this we just sort of looked at our own forearms for a bit and sighed.

The 32-year-old woman, who let's face it could probably pound you into the ground with her little finger, can usually be found doing the stunts on TV show 'Supergirl'. However, her efforts on the infamous Ninja Warrior obstacle course have just seen her become a global star in her own right.

As the world's most America commentators point out early doors in the run, no woman has ever finished stage one. Three minutes later, and these same commentators are going apeshit insane (with happiness) as Graff celebrates completing the course with time to spare. Whether it's the Log Grip, the Propeller Bar, the Jumping Spider, or the Warped Wall - Graff tackles them like they're the easiest obstacles in the world. This girl can. This girl definitely can.

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