Nick Clayton LA Fitness

When we were little we used to have dreams of getting locked in Ikea – all those different beds to sleep in! And we know people who've fallen asleep in the nightclub loos before now. But this guy went one further and got locked in an LA Fitness gym.

Nick Clayton’s video has gone viral after he documented himself wandering round an empty gym in Florida wondering what to do. He’d been in the sauna with his headphones in when staff had locked up and emerged to realise he was all alone.

“The lights are off. No one to be found at the front desk. Nobody even checked the bathrooms to see if someone was in there." he says.

“I didn’t know it closed this early. What LA Fitness closes at 5 o’clock? I have literally no idea what to do. This is ridiculous. Do I call the police? I am locked in the LA Fitness. No one’s here."

You’ll be pleased to hear Nick didn’t have to bed down on a treadmill, he escaped by calling a nearby LA Fitness who helped him leave the building without setting off all the alarms.

What we want to know though, is why don’t they turn the TVs off?