Gym stretches

Picture the scene: you've just hit the gym like an animal. The treadmill is still smoking from your epic session, the free-weights area is strewn with dumbbells and there’s a slightly disgusting trail of sweat leading from the rowing machine to the water fountain.

You're understandably pumped, but failing to do gym stretches and cool downs properly can lead to injury, decreased flexibility and generally feeling all sore and awkward for a few days.

  • Gym stretches can helps to reset your body to a natural position and posture
  • They can also help to release accumulated lactic acid that may cause muscle soreness
  • When stretching you shouldn't feel any pain, if you do, stop as you can do more harm than good
  • A post workout massage can also help to loosen up any tight muscles
  • You don't need any equipment to do these stretches

So, if you want to avoid walking like a horse-less cowboy and learn how to stretch after a gym workout watch this routine focusing on the hip flexors, shoulders and other important muscles and joints.

Perfect Post Workout Stretch by K's Perfect Fitness TV

Next up we've got Fitness Blender, a superb resource for all home fitness routines. This cool down is thorough, easy to follow and perfect for gym use too.

Cool Down Workout by Fitness Blender

Or, if you listen to this guy − who seems to believe he’s the fitness equivalent of Magneto from the X-Men − you can stretch by simply using your mind...

Stretching is Over, Give it a Rest by Gravity Werks