Which Olympic Sport would I be best at-

With just a year to go to Rio 2016, we thought we’d find out which of the Olympic events we should have entered – you know, if we’d pulled our finger out and spent around 15 years and 30 hours a week training.

The answers were, err, interesting. Apparently, we’ve got a track cyclist, a golfer, a badminton player, and a modern pentathlete in our midst.

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When Team GB star Keri-anne Payne tried the test yesterday, she matched and got open-water swimmer, and cyclist Jason Kenny got 400m runner – he was Bolton 400m schools champion. The only logical conclusion then, is that this test from Team GB and its official partner Fitness First is 100%, totally and completely accurate.

Out of the 28 Summer Olympic sports, most people only practice four of them – running, cycling, swimming and football – so this quiz may just broaden your sporting horizons. Now where did we put that shotput?