Motocross superstar Travis Pastrana just posted these awesome photos on Facebook - showing himself practising backflips with his wife!


I suppose of course when you run the Nitro Circus and your wife is Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, a shit hot pro skater in her own right, it's not as surprising as all that to be practising insane stunts alongside her.


But it seems these are some of the first photos of the pair doing flips - according to Travis' description, Lyn-Z has only just learned these.


He wrote: "Fun day riding warm ups at Nitro Circus side by side with my wife! The only time she can fly a skateboard next to me flying my bike is with the tour set up. When Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana decided to learn flips, I had to take advantage and flip next to her."

I guess the family that plays together and all that...

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