If you don't know who Dougie Lampkin is, you probably should. He's a British trials hero from a family of biking legends, he's won more world titles than you can count on both hands, and he just took his trials bike deep into the Arctic Circle.

Yes, you read that right. Dougie recently teamed up with his sponsors Red Bull to make 'Tundra Trials' on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the snowdrifts in Finland, and the resulting edit is so cool it's practically freezing.

Dougie Lampkin - Action

Dougie Lampkin - Action

Not only does the clip feature awesome outdoor riding, time lapses of the Northern Lights and a pack of cute huskies, the focus sees Lampkin riding round 'The Snow Village' - an indoor arena usually used for weddings and built from a colossal 350,000 kilos of ice.

Dougie rides his bike over features that the rest of us probably couldn't even stand on without falling over. It's really quite amazing.

Pair that with some outstanding shooting and editing from the guys at Cut Media - who were also responsible for Danny MacAskill's 'The Ridge' - and you've got quite the stunning film on your hands, shot in Lapland in the lead up to Christmas.

Dougie Lampkin - Action

Dougie Lampkin - Action

This is one edit you can't miss out on. Even if you've never seen a trials bike in your life before or you have little to no interest in motorbikes, we can almost guarantee that you'll enjoy this. It's as much about the surroundings at times as it is about the riding.

Have a watch up top, and hit this link to find out more about the project and see everything that happened behind-the-scenes!

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