It’s not easy being a professional mountain biker. That doesn’t mean it’s not excellent as well of course, but there’s a lot of training involved, a lot of hard work, a lot of drinking beer, and a lot of raw talent needed to succeed.

Those skills are often transferable though, from the fast-flowing world of mountain biking to the high-flying world of the BMX.

It’s not uncommon to find a rider tearing it up on a mountain bike also able to absolutely rip on BMX, from legends like Darren Berrecloth to slopestyle heroes like Nicholi Rogatkin. Here are a few example of exactly what we mean...

1) Kye Forte

"I'm a BMXer predominantly," tells Kye Forte. "I still love BMX to death. But when you're focused on any one thing for that long, it's nice to try other things.

"To me a bike is a bike. I'd love to try and get some points and try and be an elite rider. Whether that's achievable, I don't know!"

2) Andreu Lacondeguy

You know him, you love him, you've seen his ridiculous Red Bull Rampage run from 2014. He's the mountain bike legend who talks truths, rides hard, flies high and amazes the world on a regular basis. Unsurprisingly, he also kills it on a BMX.

3) Dawid & Simon Godziek

Szymon Godziek landed the first ever Tsunami Flip on a mountain bike in contest. Dawid Godziek is ferocious on BMX.

This is kind of us cheatin here. It's a cross-over in the family rather than in one rider, but a two-in-one epic if we ever saw one - and Dawid did start out on a mountain bike before switching to BMX!

4) Manon Carpenter

Manon surprised many when she broke through in 2014, turning up at the Downhill World Cup series after a strong training program in Portugal and going on to win both the overall series and the World Championship title.

She’s not half bad on BMX either - her dad happens to own a company that builds BMX tracks -  releasing a sick Halloween edit last year and regularly updating her Instagram with clips like the one below...

A video posted by @manoncarpenter on

5) Darren Berrecloth

Darren Berrecloth - aka The Claw - is a legend of mountain biking, and a lot of that is down to his history in BMX. He was one of the first to take the tricks from BMX to the mountain rig... and man, did he do it well.

6) Ryan Nyquist

One of the best competition riders in the history of BMX, Ryan Nyquist has finished consistently high when it's mattered over the past 15 years and beyond. He also happens to be partial to jumping on a mountain bike, participating at FMB World Tour Gold event 26TRIX earlier this year in Leogang, Austria!

7) Nicholi Rogatkin

One of our favourite slopestyle stars on the scene, Nicholi Rogatkin has won fans around the globe with his full-on riding style which leaves nothing at the start line.

His cash roll has become legend, and he went viral earlier this year after, err, falling off a cliff at Red Bull Rampage. Nicholi started on a BMX, riding from the age of five, and it's no doubt influenced his now-coveted style.

8) Timo Pritzel

BMX Dirt World Champion and holder of the record for the highest jump ever on a BMX in 1998. Leg-shattering silver-medallist at a certain mountain bike slopestyle comp called Joyride in 2004. Biking legend!

9) Eric Carter

Eric Carter raced BMX from 1983, switching to the mountain bike fully in 1996. It turned out he was alright on the mountain bike too, and he killed at 4X and downhill, becoming renowned for his ability to go hard and fast on anything with two wheels.

a short history of bmx racing

10) Brandon Semenuk

You might know Brandon Semenuk as the king of mountain bike slopestyle, the dude who makes jaws drop when he gets on two-wheels and so often owns the FMB Tour.

It'll be no surprise then to learn that he also kills it on BMX, and like Manon above, he can often be seen to do exactly that on his Instagram...

Couple more bmx clips from my trip down south

A video posted by Brandon Semenuk (@brandonsemenuk) on

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