Fat Biking in the Snow ChamonixDSC_2434-12

Fat Biking in the Snow ChamonixDSC_2434-12

The world of cycling is nothing if it isn't divisive. From the age-old split between mountain bikers and road cyclists to the debate over wheel size and the endless other quarries, it's no surprise to find a bike rider who has a strong opinion about something or other.

One of the latest topics to divide opinion? The fat bike! Chucking big, fat wheels on a bike frame has become a point of contention in the world of cycling in the past few years.

Even if the only picture of a fat bike you like is the one pinned on your dartboard though, there are some clips out there featuring the rides that will force a grin on your face.

From the glorious comedy of Eddie Masters to the intense footage of freeriding on a blizzard, here are just some of our favourite features focused around the fat bike...

1) Fat Bike Freeriding on a Blizzard

2) Riding With Kye Forte at Bike Park Wales

3) Chris Akrigg's 'The Shore Line'

4) Ross Jarman Shreds Sheffield

5) The BMX Fat Ripper

6) Eddie Masters Fat Suit, Fat Bike

7) Fat Bike Shredder

8) Riding the All-Terrain Fat Bike

9) The Fat Bike Brewery Run

10) Mammoth All-Terrain Adventure

Your bonus prize for making it to the end? Firstly, the Rungu Juggernaut! It’s only a fat bike with two forks and two front wheels. Would you give it a shot?

And finally, here’s the Santa Cruz V10 Fat Bike. Love it or loathe it? Let us know in the comments...

santa cruz v10 fat bike

santa cruz v10 fat bike

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