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The mountain bike. It’s all in the name really. It was designed for use in the mountains. You’re getting no prizes for guessing that.

The thing is though, it may be indigenous to big pointy hills, rocks, and the muddy trails you find there, but those aren’t the only conditions in which it can prove rather useful. Far from it.

In fact, the mountain bike is one of the most resourceful beasts out there. It’s in its element when it gets sight of dirt, but through a combination of human imagination, human necessity, and human curiosity, it has ended up in some rather peculiar settings.

Indeed, there's no end to the versatility of our beloved mountain bike, and here are just a few awesome videos which prove exactly that...

1) Megavalanche Brings Many to a Slippery End

2) Danny MacAskill Throws Down in Scotland

3) Downhill Hits the Sand Dunes of Africa

...and Kyle Jameson is probably still finding sand in his MTB shoes.

4) Ludo May Unleashes the Ultimate Snow Edit

5) Downhill Heads to the Shopping Mall

6) Urban Downhill Hits the Streets of Taxco, Mexico...

7) ...and A Lot of Other Places As Well

8) Dominik Raab and Laszlo Gal Get Street in Barcelona

9) Ludo May Rides on Water... Literally?

10) Mountain Biking Meets Skydiving

...admittedly, this one doesn't involve too much cycling.

11) ...And This One is On the Trails, But If This Isn't Versatility, We Don't Know What Is!

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