The Fort William World Cup is always one of the most entertaining events in downhill mountain biking, but since we know that not everyone can always make it along, we thought we’d bring you an update on just what’s been going on.

Qualifications have been and gone with a couple of top finishers across the categories that won’t surprise anyone, leaving the rest of our Saturday free to sit back and enjoy the fine Scottish weather.

Oh. And by fine we mean disastrous. Like actually disastrous. Like we’re pretty sure we noah guy somewhere in Fort William who will be building an ark right now because the weather is so bad.

With that in mind, here’s 17 photos which tell you everything you need to know about qualifications Saturday at the Fort William World Cup.

1) Rachel Atherton won the women’s qualification, and everything was sunny and happy

fort william mountain bike world cup 2017

2) Greg Minnaar won the men’s qualification, and everything was sunny and happy

Photo: Dirt Magazine

3) Then this happened


4) And kept happening


5) And happened for ages


6) We tried to go explore the pits


7) But this was happening


8) And everyone got the umbrellas out


9) And we hid under a literally Giant tent


10) And Madison-Saracen were still insistent on having a BBQ


11) And this was still happening


12) And people started seeking refuge in these


13) And then out of nowhere it got outrageously sunny


14) For about 30 minutes


15) Then it started raining again


16) And the Woman in Black appeared next to us


17) So we called it a day, made a shit coffee, and wrote this helpful weather warning instead


Thankfully it's starting to clear up now so we should be on for finals tomorrow! Though it might be a little bit slippy...

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