1) You think yelling ‘Strava’ makes overtaking someone acceptable in any location


2) You don't stop when you see someone you know. You yell 'Strava' and catch them at the bottom


3) The first thing you do when you finish a run is whip out your phone


4) Your biggest rival in life is a guy on your phone screen you’ve never met. He makes you angry

phone gi

5) You spend the majority of your ride thinking of what to call it

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 15.12.50

6) You get uncontrollably upset if you forget to turn the app on before you ride

angry cyclist

7) You often claim to unsympathetic loved ones that the guy who took your KOM was getting pulled by a car


8) You refresh Strava more than you talk to your family


9) You once turned down sex to go and ride a segment


10) You were one of the people that called for Lance Armstrong to be banned from Strava

Lance Armstrong - HASE - Wiki

11) You give ‘kudos’ to rivals that you secretly despise

snape clap

12) You once flagged someone because you didn’t think their heart rate matched up to their speed


13) You set your weather app to locations of Strava rivals so you can work out whether or not they’ll be riding


14) You regularly Facebook stalk your biggest Strava rivals to see if you can work out their riding plans


15) You use the phrase: ‘if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen’

strava 5

16) You often talk about ‘sniping’ segments


17) You prefer riding by yourself so that nobody slows you down


18) You create new segments just so you can temporarily hold the KOM

strava 4

19) You feel like you're famous when you get a new KOM

20) You have actively attempted to find performance enhancing drugs on the internet


21) You once thought about using your car for a Strava segment. Then followed through on the thought


22) You couldn’t make it to the end of this list without refreshing Strava


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