1) Mountain biking is not photogenic...

Photo: Josh Glazebrook

2) ...and we don’t understand why anyone would think otherwise

3) The scenery is just non-existent

Photo: Uros Svigelj

4) There are no good views

5) No chances to look good on the bike

6) No chance for the bike to look good at all

7) No chance for a good photo

mountain biking unphotogenic photographs mpora mtb shadow

8) ...because all the riding is too samey

9) You’ll never see a good sunset

mountain biking unphotogenic photographs mpora mtb sunset

10) And it’s pretty much just covering yourself in mud, isn’t it?

Ratboy overshooting the high five... Photo: Cal Jelley

11) It's impossible to look cool

12) Bike parks are way too busy

13) There's never anything nice en route to the trails...

mountain biking unphotogenic photographs mpora mtb loch

14) ...and when you get there?

mtb unphotogenic trail

15) It’s too green

Riding in the Karst region

16) Far, far too green

Photo: Uros Svigelj

17) And when it gets dark, there's nothing to be done

photo 3

18) You have to be a pro with a badass camera to get any kind of cool shot

mtb unphotogenic view

19) And even pro shots aren’t all that rad...

Sterling Christenson Photo: Laurence Crossman-Emms

20) So, rather than taking "scenic bike shots"...


21) ...Maybe you should go take pictures of mojitos in jam jars and put them on Instagram like everyone else

Photo: Uros Svigelj

22) Or just stick to your strange games

23) ...because, yeah, you're an odd bunch

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