Most of the world is still coming to terms with the concept of a 3D printer, but while the rest of us watch on bamboozled, Englishman Adrian Smith is putting the new tech to terrific use - he's using it to print his own mountain bikes.

The video comes from Red Bull's 'Fettlers' feature - a series which captures some of the most unique home-built bikes on film.

Who knows - Maybe one day soon you'll be getting a new Santa Cruz via e-mail...

Adam uses his home-made 3D gear to make the moulds for his CAD-based designs, and then uses carbon fibre fabric to produce the final parts before putting it all together.

We can't see this taking off in a big way, but with the speed that technology moves, who knows - maybe one day soon you'll be getting a shiny new Santa Cruz mountain bike in your e-mail...

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