urban taxco downhill mexico 2015

urban taxco downhill mexico 2015

The City Downhill Tour hit the small mining town of Taxco, Mexico once again for the final stop of 2015 – and as usual, it was absolute madness.

A course which involves nipping in and out of side streets, down frightening staircases, jumping from roof to roof and over big, bad drops is never going to be normal. As expected, the atmosphere was electric, the course was bonkers, dogs kept getting in the way, and the riding was huge.

Of course, you may well be accustomed to footage from the Taxco Urban downhill. It tends to spread far and wide. Remy Metailler hit over three million views with this in 2014...

...and mountain biking’s own ‘Mr. Viral’ Kelly McGarry racked up over two million hits on his line from the same year:

But no matter how many times you watch this stuff, it doesn’t get any less insane.

The official highlights from the contest haven’t dropped quite yet, but the trailer is out, and there’s some awesome rider videos from the 2015 contest as well. Here are some of the best...

1) Andrew Neething’s Race Run HeadCam Footage

2) Tomas Slavik Race Run HeadCam Footage

3) Cam Zink Wins Downhill Taxco Best Trick, Flip Wack-Nac

4) Anthony Evans, Close Call with Dog

5) Downhill Taxco 2015 Highlight Teaser

In the end? Bernardo Cruz crossed the line quickest, taking the 6,000 euro prize by a mere 0.56 seconds and retaining his crown from the same event last year. Stay tuned for the full highlights vid!

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