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Photo: Tino Hammid

Everyone has their dream bike pictured in their mind. Just in case you ever win the lottery and need a reason to spunk over two grand on a cassette and a spanking new pair of tyres.

You can go from the vaguely realistic to the completely absurd. Take the 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike from House of Gold, for exmaple. It's overlaid with pure gold, embellished with diamonds and sapphires and topped off with an alligator skin saddle.

Just in case you ever win the lottery and need a reason to spunk two grand on a cassette and a new pair of tyres...

How much do you reckon it costs? An astronomical 1 million US dollars!

OK, so this is on a P. Diddy level of ridiculousness. But it's amazing how easy it is to splash mind-boggling amounts of money on bike parts.

So, if money were no object, what would you include on your rig? Read on to find out exactly what a hefty amount of dosh could buy!

[part title="Herzog Eberhardt Saddle"]


herzog eberhardt crown saddle

herzog eberhardt crown saddle

PRICE: Starting at £1,496 from Crown Saddles

German company Crown Saddles specialise in the most eye-wateringly expensive saddles on the planet.

The Herzgog Eberhardt is made from carbon fibre with detail painted in pure gold and covered in fine Nappa leather.

If that wasn't enough, Crown also offer "luxury race grips" from £105. Totally and utterly ridiculous.

[part title="DVO Inverted Suspension Fork"]

DVO Emerald

DVO Emerald

PRICE: £1,381 from Jenson USA

For this price, you'd think it was made of emeralds.

Ex-Marzocchi employees Bryson Martin and Josh Baltaxe set up DVO at the beginning of 2012, focusing on top-of-the-range products only.

Here they've gone for the inverted suspension fork with their carbon torsion arch for rigidity, a twin tube damper and titanium collet clamps to hold the upper tubes in place. You can find out more about this super fork here.

Is there much difference in ride between this and one half the price? That's for you to decide.

[part title="FSA SL-K Crankset"]

FSA SL-K 386 MegaExo 10sp Double Crankset

FSA SL-K 386 MegaExo 10sp Double Crankset

PRICE: £480 from Chain Reaction Cycles

Introducing the FSA SL-K 386 MegaExo 10 speed double crankset. For a crank alone, this is a hell of a lot of money! 

Obviously it's the lightweight carbon arms with an alloy spine that makes this cog one of the spenniest around.

Note how they've deliberately given them the 'scruffy' look, the MTB equivalent of scuffing up your brand new trainers.

[part title="Intense M9 FRO Frameset Limited Edition"]

Intense M9 FRO Frameset Limited Edition Red/Gold - Medium - Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock

Intense M9 FRO Frameset Limited Edition Red/Gold - Medium - Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock

PRICE: £2,999 from Tweeks Cycles

If you're gonna spend nearly three grand on a frame, there's always going to be some bling on there. Just check out the gold axel on this hunk of metal!

The M9 has been described as the "most technologically advanced downhill bike ever built", favoured by pros and weekenders alike. You can pretty much adjust everything to suit any terrain or riding style, from minute differences in dropouts and chain lengths to altering the suspension curve.

Plus only 100 of these limited edition red and gold frames were made - hence the price tag!

[part title="SRAM XX1 Cassette"]

SRAM XX1 XG1199 11 Speed MTB Cassette

SRAM XX1 XG1199 11 Speed MTB Cassette

PRICE: £338 from Chain Reaction Cycles

SRAM were very proud to announce that the XX1 XG-1199 X-Glide was the first 11 speed cassette around, with fans hailing it as the "best invention since the nobbly tyre!"

It's quiet, reliable, easy to clean, smooth in transitions. I think we're in love with it already.

[part title="ENVE Downhill Wheel Set"]



ENVE love making a damn good wheel. Just check out these stonkingly high-tech DT Swiss 240 downhill wheels.

Made from the brand's legendary carbon fibre composite, they are constructed to withstand pretty much anything downhill riding throws at them. It would be a real bugger if they didn't, considering how much they cost!

[part title="Cane Creek Rear Shock"]



PRICE: £485 from Chain Reaction Cycles

The DBAir CS helps keep your suspension active when you're climbing. It'll keep you totally in control on the downhill. Then just one flick to Climb setting and you'll be ascending like a mountain goat!

Vital MTB gave it 4.5. out of 5 in their review, and users have been singing its praises. Man, how much do you want to give it a try?

[part title="Chris King Disc Hub"]

Chris King Hub

Chris King Hub

PRICE: £351.89 from Wiggle

If you're going to buy a hub, it's likely you'll be hankering after one from Chris King.

The ISO Disc HG Rear Hub is typically ultra lightweight and long-lasting with 72 engagement teeth on each drive ring, making it three-times quicker than your regular 24 tooth freehub. It's super strong, making it ideal if you're planning some surprise jumps on your next trip.

Although, it's guaranteed to leave you feeling a little gobsmacked when you discover this 135mm piece of metal will set you back over £350!