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Everyone can get behind a sporting icon who has a bit of a laugh as well. That’s why people irrationally moan about Andy Murray for being born with a slightly monotonous voice, and why the entire world is in love with Travis Pastrana despite only half of them knowing who he actually is.

Now, of course the stars of action sports are naturally a little ‎(lot) more playful than the majority of the mainstream sporting world. Whereas an eccentric footballer might say something slightly quirky in a press conference, an eccentric mountain biker might stick a twenty-foot whip in the middle of a race run then shotgun a beer at the finish line. It’s all just a bit more fun.

Gwin 1

Take Aaron Gwin for example. He’s one of, if not thee, best downhill mountain biker in the world right now, having won two out of the four world cup stops so far this season and sitting nearly 200 points comfortably clear at the top of the overall rankings.

Of course, he famously won in Leogang this season without a freakin’ chain, and on the back of that madness, teamed up with KTM motorcycles to make this hilarious edit. If you don’t laugh, you’d have to cry, so be sure to laugh it up...

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