Photo: Monster Energy / YouTube

The trailer for the much anticipated movie Ashes To Agassiz has dropped, and it's an absolute eyeball melter. It's got mountain bikes, balls-to-the-wall big mountain riding, fire, and women in lakes offering sweets. What's not to like?

Released, in 4k, if your computer has had a large enough breakfast, it's big screen quality. But it's not just the pixels crammed onto the screen that screams Hollywood. It's a story that could easily be the plot of a text-book Tom Cruise movie.

It focuses on Graham Agassiz, or Aggy as his mates down the pub call him. When it comes to riding big stuff on mountain bikes, he's been one of the best around for years. But then, Aggy broke his neck in a massive slam at the tail end of 2013.

The injury took three long months to recover from following risky surgery. But then, of course, after three months out, Agassiz had to get his bike chops back up to where they once were.

Judging by the two moniutes and twenty seconds of absolute fire above, we think it's pretty safe to say that Aggy is back on form.

The full movie drops in late August on iTunes. Between now and then, you're just going to have to watch the trailer 21,840 times, just like us.

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