Stop what you're doing, and have a little look at this GoPro Course Preview from The Audi Nines MTB 2018. Seriously. Do it already. Look now. Don't waste another minute. Life is short. Here one minute. Gone the next. Watch the GoPro Course Preview. 

Looks right tasty, doesn't it? Looks a right tasty course. A giant Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate cake slice, in the middle of a quarry, with a satellite dish plonked on it; a satellite dish that, in a voice not dissimilar to Marilyn Monroe's, seems to say "Hey riders. Let's get creative." 

Working in collaboration with Bikepark Idarkopf, Audi Nines MTB 2018 have transformed a stone quarry in the Rheinland-Pfalz region of Germany into a paradise for mountain bikers. Here, in this unusual setting, a best of the best team of riders will test their beans on a course which features intertwining slopestyle, freeride mountain bike lines, a big-air spot and several special features (including that aforementioned satellite dish). 

Sam Reynolds and Clemens Kaudela have spent the past month down in the quarry building the course, so it's fitting that these chaps are on hand to give us a preview of the Freeride line which, b.t dubs, kicks off with a raw six metre drop and a floaty 18-metre hip jump. Nice. 

During the course of the preview, Sam Pilgrim can be seen showing off the intimidating Skydrop and enticing Satellite Dish feature; as well as the Big Air venue, designed in such a way that it encourages riders to punch their tricks through the ceiling and onto the next level.

With top riders such as Nicholi Rogatkin (USA), Emil Johansson (SWE) and Brendan Fairclough (GBR) rolling into town over the next week to explore the possibilities of the place, be sure to keep an eye on social media for the use of #AudiNines. The resulting video footage from the quarry will be judged (by the riders themselves) in the categories of Best Slope Bike Line, Best Freeride Bike Line, Best Slope Bike Trick, Best Freeride Bike Trick and Ruler of the Week.

Is this going to be fire? This is, almost certainly, going to be fire. Enjoy. 

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