Whether it's dagger-like rocks, hidden drops, or seemingly invisible tree roots, there are many perils that can fuck you up when you're hitting the trails on your mountain bike.

However, few are quite as terrifying as suddenly seeing a bear chasing you. That's exactly what happened to this dude. While out on a ride, he noticed a huge bear that had locked on to his scent (or just saw him as big, two-wheeled burger) and gave chase. Presumably accelerated by methane, he started peddling away as fast as possible.

After ditching his bike when he found his path blocked, he legged it into the trees to hide from the beast. Presumably what must have been crippling terror made our hero believe that the bear was chasing the bike, rather than him.

Happily, just as Paddington's big brother was closing in on what he hoped would be his lunch, gun shots were fired close by and scared the bear off, and the fella escaped with his life, a good story, and the footage to back it up when his mates in the pub called him a liar.

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