You may remember that trials ace Danny MacAskill hit a floating loop-the-loop on the River Thames last month. Have a read here if you need to refresh your memory.

It was a slightly overdramatic spectacle, but the riding from the Scotsman was as slick as ever. First he stuck a three off the drop-in and nailed the five-metre loop, and then he risked a soaking by pulling a hop at the end of the runway.

In case you haven't noticed the subtle branding around the stunt, it was all in promotion of Microsoft's Cortana - the company's answer to the ever unhelpful Siri.

Microsoft have now followed up on the stunt by releasing this behind-the-scenes video focused on the making of the loop, and it's pretty entertaining.

Apparently, the amount of wood they used weighed the same as 60 black cabs, the crane weighed the same as 84,000 footballs - admittedly a strange measurement tool - and the whole floating island weighed the same as 166 elephants. Although we're not sure how Microsoft went about weighing each individual elephant.

Anyway, the video is pretty decent, so have a watch and see how the magic happened!

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