What happens when a bike to BASE jump attempt goes horribly wrong? Well, this short video will give you a bit of an idea, but put simply – it’s not good.

Mountain biking is pretty gnarly by itself, and BASE jumping – obviously – is always incredibly mad. Pair that with the fact that the road this dude was cycling off was the Bolivian Death Road, a pass said to be responsible for over 300 deaths per year, and the rider in question will be thanking his lucky stars that he got out alive.

The Bolivian Death Road is said to be responsible for over 300 deaths per year...

Indeed, according to the video description, the only injuries suffered here were “fractures in his forearm and cut tendons in his knee," which given the nature of the stunt is near enough a miracle.

The Bolivian Death Road has drops of up to 15,000ft at points, and the rider in question clearly didn't size up the details of his jump before riding off the cliff, a rather questionable choice given that it could literally have been a matter of life and death.

If there’s one thing to be learnt here, it’s that you should always bring a calculator if you’re planning to ride off a 'Death Road'.

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