Photo: Eembe (contact)/Screenshot

What’s better than riding your bike? Riding your bike really fast. And what’s better than riding your bike really fast? Well... riding your bike really, really, really fast.

That’s exactly what Frenchman Eric Barone has been up to in the last few days, and he’s managed to set a new world record for the fastest speed ever ridden on a mountain bike in the process.

The 54-year-old managed to hit a colossal 138.7mph (or 223.3 km/h if you’re into that kind of thing) on the slopes of Vars ski resort in France on Saturday, an what's more amazing yet, he appears to have done it dressed like a giant babybel.

Now, the video is short and sweet, so we’re not sure if Eric actually set out to break the world speed record here, or if his mates just called him from the bar at the bottom of the slope telling him that “his tune" had just come on.

Either way, the guy ended up getting down the mountain in a hurry, and given the unthinkable speed he was riding at, we can't help but wonder how he actually managed to stop.

Barone is no newcomer to the record books though. He's broken the bicycle speed record several times before both on snow and on gravel, and on this occasion he made use of a customised downhill bike with improved aerodynamics to do it.

Still, it’s a shame that after all of his efforts, we doubt we're the only ones left wishing that there was a jump at the end of his run...

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