Screen Shot: YouTube.

Google defines 'chaos' as "complete disorder and confusion." Anyone still struggling to comphrehend the meaning of the word after reading that definition, need only watch this video.

Shot from the perspective of Jamie Nicoll (who finished 7th), it encapsulates all the madness of the MTB dowhill glacier race known as Megavalanche. The race, which consists of 2,500 bikers, takes place down 10,800 feet of Alpe d'Huez.

Seriously, there's more crashes here than in the entire Crash Bandicoot videogame franchise. Watching people en-masse try, and regularly fail, to control their bikes on ice and snow is one of the most ridiculous things you'll see this or any other week.

People hit the ground with such regularity that you begin to wonder whether there's actually an invisible sniper somewhere firing invisible bullets at the competitors.

As far as we know, nobody died in the making of this footage. After sitting through it's entire running time though, we're genuinely not sure how anyone lived to tell the tale of this year's Megavalanche.

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