Water parks are fun. Just, pure, giddy fun. The slides, the lazy rivers, the cool water in a constant dance with the burning sun, that blond lifeguard who’s attention you you contemplate grabbing by pretending to drown just so she can dive in and save you… Oh, hang on. Not that last one. No definitely not. Poor form.

Even the will I/won’t I game of chance you take with verruca’s is a joy at a water park. But how can you improve upon this almost perfect marriage of chlorinated water and gravity? Canadian mountain biker Simon Drouin has hit upon a novel way.

17 Things To Do Now the Downhill Mountain Biking Season is Over

Along with a buddy and, happily for us, a bunch of GoPro’s, Drouin took his bike to a dried out waterpark and hit up the slides. The result is one of the nicest looking flow-tracks we’ve seen.

All of a sudden, the urge to have a bike ride to Water World in Stoke is consuming us…

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