Remember that time a Danny MacAskill video came out, and it was just alright? No, neither do we. Going right back to ‘Inspired Bicycles’ and 2009, where it all kicked off for the Scotsman, Danny’s releases have been absolutely next level.

danny macaskill cascadia gran canaria 1

And it’s not as if the world hasn’t been noticing either.

danny macaskill cascadia gran canaria 2

Inspired Bicycles’ racked up 36.96 million hits. ‘Way Back Home’ is sitting on 36.79 million views. ‘Industrial Revolutions’ hit 9.2 million. ‘Epecuen’ is currently on 8.5m, ‘Imaginate’ has been viewed a blistering 43.9m times on YouTube and ‘The Ridge’ an epic 39.69m and counting as well.

danny macaskill cascadia gran canaria 3

How many views has MacAskill racked up just from those stunning six videos? A freakin’ shedload, that’s how many. Because to be honest with you, we can’t be bothered spending our morning adding up figures that are so ridiculously high; it sounds too difficult.

Ed. note: it adds up to approximately 175.04 million, our boss made us count them and called us slackers.

danny macaskill cascadia gran canaria 5
danny macaskill cascadia gran canaria 9

Of course, that’s not counting all the other little epic Danny has dropped, and his stuff with the ‘Drop and Roll’ team, like the epic rock music they unleashed so recently.

And his latest edition? Oh my, oh my, oh my. It is something special. Danny has teamed up with GoPro to head out to Gran Canaria and do his thing on their rooftops – which if we’re being honest, look like they were specifically designed for the purpose.

danny macaskill cascadia gran canaria 10

This is a must watch, and we don’t say that lightly. Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and watch this right through to the end – because the finale is something special. In fact, maybe grab a napkin or two as well, because if you’re anything like us, you’ll be spilling that tea all over the place any minute now.

danny macaskill cascadia gran canaria 11

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