Rock climbing with a mountain bike on your back looks like hard work. Photo: Screenshot

What's better than a sick singletrack mountain biking edit? Well, how about this - an edit where the rider accesses said sick singletrack by climbing his way up a cliff face with his bike on his back.

Not only that, he's scaling the rocks without ropes - or soloing as it's known.

The climb in question is the middlefell buttress, a well-known route in Cumbria, which offers access to the Stake pass, an epic ride back down.


So who's the man mental enough to combine these two activities into a single day out? That'll be Joe Flanagan, a rider who apparently has a "natural affinity with the mountains [born of] a lifetime of traveling up and down rock faces," according to his sponsors Altura, who made the video possible.

We'd have to say we agree with them - the man can certainly shred! And we're not the only ones who think so either - this short apparently premiered at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival where it went down well, and has racked up a lot of love since it was released online.

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