You know a downhill course is gnarly when even the man who spent months building it can’t ride the thing without getting hurt.

After a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears though, Dan Atherton is going to miss out on Red Bull Hardline 2015 with a shoulder injury he picked up while testing the course, but his brother Gee has stepped up to bring us the course preview – and it's easy to see why Dan called it "one of the most difficult downhill runs ever created".

There’s a double in this video so big even Gee gave it a miss, which means that for anyone who isn’t Gee, and who hasn’t won the World Champs before, it’s pretty much almost certain death.

Some of the other drops in this are just as insane though, so have a watch and ask yourself the question – ‘how far could I get through this course before having to go to hospital’?

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