What happens when some of the best mountain bikers in the world put together a series by them, for them? You get one of the gnarliest, utterly enormous set ups the world has ever seen.

Aggy’s Reunion is just that – hosted by Graham Agassiz and part of the 'FEST series', it’s an event that sees a bunch of crazy riders get together, shred an absolutely crazy course, and subsequently produce some of the craziest footage we’ve seen in a while.


The edit starts off slow, with an introduction from Aggy and a couple of words from a few others, but fear not, for when it gets going, it’s full-frontal MTB porn ferocious enough to get even that mate who 'doesn’t like mountain bike' severely turned on.

Shoutout to the crashes just after the 3:30 mark in this one as well. How those dudes are still alive is completely beyond us.

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