Some edits are big. Some edits are awesome. And some edits are packed with action from Cam McCaul, Tyler McCaul, Kyle Jameson and Andreu Lacondeguy. That’s when you know it’s next level.

This is the action-packed point of view edit from the Cruz FEST course, with rider helmet cam footage from the guys themselves and from a moto bike staying just behind. You know things got huge when they still looks massive on a moto.

There’s plenty of stunts packed into this, and to be honest, it’s just about as ferocious an edit as we’ve seen all year.

The guys at FEST have described the track as "one of the best courses ever built", and it's hard to disagree. If you ever need to enlighten someone as to just how awesome mountain biking really is, this may just be the edit to show them.

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