Gavin Godfrey and Ethen Godfrey Roberts have become the first

two riders to ever land a triple backflip on a mountain bike - and the footage is every bit as awesome as you would expect.

Have a watch of the edit above.

It's the first in a new web series from Nitro Circus produced in the lead up to Travis Pastrana's upcoming film Action Figures. Much like everything else that has anything to do with Pastrana, it's pretty insane.

The Godfrey brothers took some huge spills before they landed the trick...

The Godfrey brothers, whose uncle is Nitro Circus guru Gregg Godfrey, took some huge spills before they landed the trick, with Gavin sticking it first before Ethen followed him over.

Pastrana's web series will be airing every second week from now on, so stay tuned for plenty more from everyone's favourite rider and all his mates at Nitro Circus.

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