If you’ve ever wandered into your local woods and found a perfectly crafted trail, with beautifully built features, carefully sculpted dirt jumps and mouth-watering berms, you may have thought that you’d stumbled into heaven upon earth.

The trails you’ve found may well be paradise, but we can assure you that there was no divine intervention when it came to the shovelling and sculpting of the wonder before you. This was hand-crafted by riders. People who love the bike and love their sport even more, and who pretty much eat, sleep and drink dirt – even if does make them projectile vomit every now and then.

There are few better examples of this than in the feature above, ‘One Year, One Trail – The Building of Loam Line’.

This is a perfect showcase of a love for mountain biking. These guys put in eighteen months of graft in their local area, sacrificing riding time to create something new and special, and in the end, they did exactly that.

These are guys who had watched a hundred videos much like this one beforehand, and instead of sitting around wishing they were there, gone out and built something even better. The final result is the three minute descent above, and we think you’ll agree it makes for a rather tantalising watch.

So, in honour of the chaps above – Clark Cernoia and Greg and Lyle Warren – and everyone else who gets up to any similar antics, let’s all give three big cheers and a pat on the back to all the builders out there. You probably owe them more than you’d think!

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