Just your average day getting towed towards an MX jump by an MX bike on a downhill ride... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Some jumps are big and some jumps are bad, but apparently the majority of kickers in the world are neither big enough nor bad enough for Barry Nobles.

The American BMX racer has seen a fair few injuries in his career. He’s broken his ankle, his wrist, his tailbone, both of his collar bones, and blown out both knees as well – so it’s a credit that the guy is still alive never mind getting towed into a 60-foot motocross jump on a downhill mountain bike.

That’s exactly what he’s up to in his latest edit though, testing out a shiny new Airbone Pathogen rig. The rider gets some massive air, as you would expect after being towed by Aussie MX rider John Prutti, but thankfully he didn’t add any more injuries to the big list .

Have a watch of the clip below and see what you think... Would you give this ride a shot?

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