This re-enactment shows the tearful emotions of the riders when they realised they had Photo: Shutterstock

Racing on any kind of bicycle is an awfully tense affair. Each and every rider is putting a whole lot of focus on their speed, their posture, their intensity; putting all of their efforts into going as fast as they can possibly go.

When the adrenaline is pumping and a race is in full flow though, this tension can occasionally boil over into deep, dark, sheer unabated anger. What causes this? The same thing that has caused every other spark of hatred ever ignited in a human being. Other people.

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Posted by Prefiro pedalar. on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


That’s right, there’s nothing that can quite rile up a cross-country mountain biker like another cross-country mountain biker who they believe to be an idiot. Sure, rocks and roots and mechanical failures can annoy us, but there’s a special level of loathing in life reserved specifically for people who are just freakin’ morons.

Take the video above, for example, which escalated from casual cross-country race to all-out brawl in a matter of seconds.

Our bet is that these two have been jostling for place for the past half hour, despising each other more with every pedal they take despite the fact that they’ve never met before and they’re both probably family men who would get on just fine over a pint.


With tensions already high between the two then, the fist-thrower in the blue takes a tumble going up a hill, and seems to throw his arm out – whether deliberately or not – to try and bring the red and white rider down with him.

Of course, old Red and White is having none of that, turning away from the chance to gain a bit of time on his rival and instead picking up his bike and trying to use it as a murder weapon.

photo 1

This looks like some serious roid rage to us. The dude could’ve just kept cycling and built up a massive gap, but no, he decided to try and take his rival’s head off with a cross-country mountain bike.

It didn’t go well for him either. One failed attack later, and Mr. Blue, who probably spends his spare time watching re-runs of WWE, throws a dynamite punch which sends Red and White flying down the hill behind him.

A short argument ensues, and then as you do, the guys get back on their bikes without further debate. The end result? A few shots fired, no fatal blows landed, and each of the guys lost about seven or eight places in the race.

Don’t fight kids. It’s definitely not worth it.

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